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OxyPro Chlorine Dioxide Water Sanitation can be used with existing Chlorine Dioxide dispensing systems. If you do not currently have a dispensing system installed, we can provide all the necessary equipment to direct dose into your water line.

OxyPro Dosing Systems are designed to specifically meet the needs of each individual farm. Our farm assessments will take into account farm size, layout, poultry and shedding type, water source, usage requirements and farm management structure.

OxyPro Dosing Systems are cost effective, easy to use and maintain and simple to install. We provide full installation and operational instructions or site installation service is available if preferred.

A full range of optional accessories are available such as stock drum level meters and alarms. We also carry a full range of spare parts and provide service support.

Pro Wash Poultry recommends OxyPro as the superior Chlorine Dioxide water sanitation system and also carries Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Drum Pumps, Testing Products and Equipment. For more information and sales please contact Pro Wash Poultry.


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