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About BiOWiSH

A result of over 18 years of research and development, BiOWiSH is a proprietary technology that accelerates enzymatic bio-chemical reactions, up to thousands of times faster than their normal speed. The speed of BiOWiSH is due to the production of small molecule metabolite co-factors that in combination with a broad spectrum of enzymes have been proven to accelerate the breakdown of all non-living organic matter into its final inert compounds. BiOWiSH has also been proven to beneficially accelerate metabolic enzyme reactions. In addition, BiOWiSH has other unique properties which further set it apart from other conventional enzyme technologies.

BiOWiSH is 100% natural, bio-degradable and safe for everyday use in a diverse range of consumer, commercial and industrial products. Its product applications are vast: from environmental management, including wastewater, solid waste, soil and water remediation, industrial emissions, to cropping, animal agriculture, as well as human and animal health. BiOWiSH is commercially applied in Asia, Australia, Europe and now North America.

BiOWiSH Manure and Odour is a revolutionary technology that breaks downs organic waste and eliminates odour causing compounds at the source. It has a dual action (gaseous and substrate) and begins working in minutes to reduce VOCs, most notably Ammonia. BiOWiSH does not mask the odour; it rapidly accelerates the achievement of full decomposition by denaturing odour compounds to smell-free non-toxic end products.


BiOWiSH Manure and Odour has multiple applications in poultry production and provides the following benefits:
  • Accelerates the decomposition of manure,
  • Reduction in Ammonia by up to 80%,
  • Reduction in VOCs by up to 90%,
  • Accelerated composting by up to 30% (Litter and Carcass),
  • Healthier litter/bedding,
  • Reduces fly numbers by removing organic attractants, and
  • Increased Litter Temperature.

It has the following advantages over existing litter amendment products:
  • Removes rather than masks odours,
  • Does not require heating of sheds for application,
  • Increases average temperature of the litter,
  • Does not require additional safety equipment, and
  • Organic Certified.


Application Rate
  • Product: BiOWiSH - Manure and Odor Poultry and Pig.
  • Application Rate: 1 kg per 1,500sq meters.
  • Apply Bio Wish the day prior to chick placement when possible.

Application Method
  1. 12 to 24 hrs prior to application activate Bio Wish Manure and Odour in 250 litres of water in an IBC / Tote / Shuttle – enough water to adequately spray the shed + litter on the floor. May require more or less than 250 litres of water.
  2. Allow the IBC to stand for a minimum of 12 hours for activation (overnight).
  3. Use a light aeration when possible. Do not close up tanks need access to air.
  4. The next day (i.e. the day before bird placement) spray onto bedding material allowing for as wide a distribution as possible. A multipurpose tank with sprayers or a hand held spray device is recommended.

How will I know that BiOWiSH is working? Within the first few days after application there will be a noticeable difference in the level of odour and Ammonia. We recommend testing the following parameters to assess the efficacy of BiOWiSH in specific poultry applications (Control vs Treatment).
  • Ammonia
  • VOC (If odour is an issue)
  • Pathogens (Salmonella, Campylobacter etc)
  • Temperatures have been increased by 20%

  • The BiOWiSH carrier material may clog fine spray nozzles. This can be avoided by decanting the activated solution, using a filter bag of appropriate micron or using a larger nozzle.
  • To reduce the risk of accidental pre-activation of the product always re-seal bags and avoid exposure to moisture.


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