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Stalosan F Stalosan F is a unique dry disinfectant with documented efficacy against ammonia, bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and fly-larvae.

A slow release granulised version of the Stalosan F has now been developed. Stalosan F Granules have the same effect profile as the Stalosan F powder however the granulised form provides a long lasting slow release of the active ingredients and ease of use more suited to intensive poultry farming.

Stalosan F Granules are nontoxic to humans or animals and will not cause damage to equipment. Stalosan F also has APVMA approval. When used in conjunction with good basic litter management practices, Stalosan F Granules should effectively reduce ammonia levels, control pathogen levels and manage the moisture content of the litter thus improving environmental condition and litter quality in animal housing.

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  • Granular size ranging from 3-6 mm
  • Slow release of Stalosan F to the bedding
  • Long term effect throughout a batch with one dosage
  • Controls pathogenic microorganisms in the bedding and thus reduces the spread of infectious diseases
  • Reduces the pH-value in the bedding
  • Neutralizes ammonia and hydrogen sulphides
  • Inhibits the decay of the bedding and keeps it dry and loose
  • Fewer incidents of foot pad lesions

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