Priefert Litter Saver and Grillo 107d

Pro Wash Poultry are Australian agents for the US designed and built Priefert Litter Saver. In the US broiler industry litter management and raising multiple batches between clearouts are standard practice so it’s logical that the Priefert Litter Saver was developed there many years ago.


“Now increased costs of both new litter and disposal of used bedding material in Australia is encouraging broiler farmers to treat existing litter using both mechanical and chemical litter sanitizing solutions,” Lisa Grant from Pro-Wash Poultry Services explains. “The Litter Saver machine pulverizes hard caked litter and allows moisture to evaporate also releasing ammonia; it also dries and levels the bedding. “When it does become time for a shed cleanout the treated litter will have value as a valuable fertilizer and effective soil builder.


“Two models are available, either 5 (1.52m) or 7(2.13m foot wide: the LS 5 requires a tractor minimum 30HP rating  (gearbox rating 75 HP) and the LS7 60 HP and 75 HP gearbox rating. “The design features a conventional 3- point hitch and drive is via a shielded PTO shaft: the caked litter is broken up by the hammer action of free swinging hammers operating at around 700 rpm,” Lisa explained.

To complement the mechanical action of the Litter Saver we are about to introduce our pro litter conditioning treatment, which will further improve the litter maintenance process, and we also distribute Biowish Technologies manure and odour treatment. “Biowish quickly removes ammonia and odourous emissions in sheds and breaks down organic waste,” Lisa said. “The other mechanical aid we offer to broiler farmers to break up caked litter is the Italian built Grillo ‘walk behind’ G107d cultivator.


“We offer either petrol or diesel powered units, the petrol being the less expensive option but the diesel unit has more power and is a little more versatile in the on farm tasks it can tackle: either power unit is perfectly adequate for the primary task of breaking up heavily caked shed litter. The G107d has three forward and reverse gears and can be used throughout the term of a batch: because the unit is so compact and maneuverable they can be safely used while the birds are in the sheds and it is not necessary to lift the feed and drinker lines,” Lisa explained.


“They are far more effective than motorised rotary hoes and make light work of managing litter, as they are self-propelled. The Grillo is perfect for single use or re-used litter:many farms, including single use litter tunnel shed farms experience wet and/or caked litter areas in the shed during a batch and this is by far the best and most affordable way to manage this,” Lisa explained.


“Apart from the primary task of litter management the Grillo 107d is capable of performing endless tasks on farms including, ploughing cutting, sweeping and harrowing (diesel only) if the correct accessories are supplied with the base unit. There is even a braked 1.5 x 1.1m tipper trailer with operator’s seat available,” Lisa said. “We have had a lot of interest from owners of RSPCA approved broiler sheds who are required to provide a deeper litter base than in conventional sheds,” Lisa concluded.