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Pro Wash Poultry is owned and operated by Rod and Lisa Grant. This business came about from our experience on our own tunnel ventilated broiler farm situated in the Hunter region. We had trialled several different shed washing options, finally devising a system that was both time and water efficient, providing excellent washing results whilst leaving minimal water on the floors.

Shortly after, our Poultry Serviceman asked if we could help a neighbouring farm with their wash-down requirements. From that point on, word spread on the "chicken grapevine" and we found our wash-down service was in demand. It became obvious that there was a need for a professional wash-down service. In 2006 we placed our farm under management and moved back to Caves Beach to concentrate on creating a new business... Pro Wash Poultry.

Pro Wash Poultry is now the largest commercial poultry shed washing business in Australia. Our customer base has grown primarily on word-of-mouth referrals. We credit our success with the fact that we have a firsthand understanding of the needs and logistics of poultry farming.

Prior to owning and operating a broiler farm, Rod was a Coal Miner for 25 years and is a Mines Fitter by trade. Lisa was based at the John Hunter Hospital as a Research Project Manager for the Federal Health Dept. Along with poultry farming; our prior professional experience has proven very handy. Rod's mechanical abilities are well utilised in the regular maintenance and servicing required on all of our equipment. We have devised structured preventative maintenance schedules to minimise breakdowns and ensure that we are always on farm when you need us.

Rod oversees farm servicing standards and our team of reliable, hardworking staff. Dave, our Senior Team Leader, has been with us from the beginning and was a Broiler Farm Manager prior to joining us at Pro Wash Poultry. As well as the administrative management, Lisa's research background is put to use investigating new technologies, equipment and procedures being used in the poultry industry world-wide, to ensure the optimal service delivery for our customers.

To meet demand, we expanded our service to incorporate Spray Sanitation, Beetle and Insecticide Spraying and Fumigation. These services are undertaken by licensed, qualified personnel and are available at very competitive pricing. We can also assist on your farm with pressure washing farm equipment and machinery and weed control.

In 2010 we sold our farm and through Pro Wash Poultry, have remained actively involved in the commercial poultry industry. We are continuing to expand our business and now offer a range of poultry farming products and equipment, as well as services division. As it has been from the beginning, we aim to provide outstanding service and support to our valued customer base. Pro Wash Poultry is the one-stop batch break shop for the Australian Commercial Poultry Farmer.


Rod & Lisa Grant

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